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Traditional ceramic house
Traditional ceramic house

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Greek monuments
01. Greek monuments

02. Athena

03. Satyr

Ouzo shot glass
04. Ouzo shot glass

05. Owl

Greek Tsolias
06. Greek Tsolias

Greek islands
07. Greek islands

08. Plate

Olive soap
09. Olive soap

Traditional dress
10. Traditional dress


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Shipping and Payment Information ships products worldwide. The exact shipping cost is calculated according to products weight and the shipping destination. All items are sent as registered and express for the fasest and safest delivery. During the checkout process, the exact shipping cost will be mentioned in your order confirmation screen.

For your prior information, the costs are approximately calculated as follow:

1) Within Europe

          a. Weight< 0.5Kg: Between 5-9 euros.

          b. Weight< 1Kg:    Between 9-12 euros.

          c. Weight< 2Kg:    Between 12-16 euros.


2) Outside Europe

          a. Weight< 0.5Kg: Between 6-10 euros.

          b. Weight< 1Kg:    Between 10-15 euros.

          c. Weight< 2Kg:    Between 15-25 euros.


Please note that the exact cost will be mentioned in your order confirmation screen BEFORE you send us your order, so you can safely check and approve the exact shipping cost.

Our mission is to make the best Greek products available around the world regardless of distance, or location, and bring you closer to the Greek culture. All products mentioned online exist also in the store and are available to be dispatched.


1 Kilogram (Kg) is about 0.16 stones or 2.2 pounds.




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